Dental Phobias

Have you ever had a bad dental experience that resulted in a fear of the dentist? If so, you are just like millions of others who live with dental phobia. For some people, the idea of having someone look closely at their teeth keeps them up at night. For others, the thought of pain weighs them down like a 1000 pound weight. If you fear the dentist, there are two things you need to know:

Dental Phobias1. Your fear is real, and you are not alone.

2. You have a right to comfortable and safe dental care.

Now that you feel validated, it’s time to take the step and be seen by a dentist you trust. The best way to avoid invasive procedures is to have your teeth and gums checked regularly.

Technology has come a long way. A root canal today is easier and less painful than it was 30 years ago. With the technology has come big strides in sedation dentistry which allows for a painless and comfortable experience no matter what you are being treated for.
Are you still a little concerned? Here are some helpful tips to overcome your fear of the dentist:

What Happens At Night Could Hurt You

What Happens At Night Could Hurt You

Do you ever wake up with a headache or sore jaw? If so, it may be a sign that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism (as it’s called in the medical community) is a serious problem if left untreated. In fact, dentists report that severe cases even result in teeth being worn down to mere stubs. Bruxism has even been tied to hearing loss in extreme cases.

One of the biggest problems with bruxism is that most people don’t realize they are even doing it because it most often occurs during sleep. Caffeine and alcohol consumption can make the condition even worse.

If you grind your teeth, it’s important to identify the problem and visit your dentist soon. Read this article regarding causes and treatments for teeth grinding:

TMJ Relief Through Botox Treatments

The Bluewater Bay Dental team is committed to developing relationships based on trust. One way we gain patient trust is by leveraging the latest technology and techniques to solve a wide range of dental issues. TMJ Relief Through Botox Treatments

During the normal check-up, many patients tell Dr. Broutin that they have a toothache which is causing them extreme jaw pain. However, many of these folks don’t have tooth issues at all. A dental exam might indicates that their teeth are in great shape. Some dentists might dismiss the complaint and never actually treat its cause. Dr. Broutin, on the other hand, will look deeper. He often finds that the pain felt by his patient is caused from referred pain. The pain might feel like a tooth issue, when in actuality, it’s a sore muscle in the neck, jaw or elsewhere in the head. Sometimes the pain is a result of a TMJ disorder.

When it comes to TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) disorders, Dr. Broutin leads the charge by offering the latest treatments available. You may be surprised to find out that with Botox treatments, Dr. Broutin’s patients have seen a great reduction in jaw pain.

Botox treatments are easy. They are non-surgical and non-invasive and the treatment usually takes between 10-30 minutes. Many patients report an immediate reduction in jaw pain. The exact regime is unique to each patient. However, Botox treatments result in a consistent reduction in lock jaw, the elimination of headaches, and decreased pain overall.

To learn more about how Botox is used to treat TMJ disorders, call us today: 850- 387-4845. You may also visit us online:

The Comfort of Dental Bliss

Some things in life are best when they are forgotten. We can’t erase the bad memory of being turned down for senior prom, or that time you tripped in front of your boss. However, when it comes to dental care – we can provide the sweet comfort of dental bliss.

The Comfort of Dental BlissFor example, how would you like to have your dental procedure done in a way that you do not remember it? Seriously, no recollection. You come in, you go to sleep, you wake up — and it’s over.

If this sounds like heaven on earth, we have good news! Did you know that Bluewater Bay Dental is board certified in IV sedation? This is fabulous news for folks who have an innate fear of the dentist, or for those who wish to complete a complex procedure in one day (vs. over the course of several visits). Best part about IV sedation is that it is safer for the body than oral sedatives. If for any reason you have an adverse reaction, we can fix it on the spot.

At Bluewater Bay Dental, your comfort is paramount. We have the board certification to prove it. If you want to learn more about the blissful comforts of sedation dentistry, contact us today!

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