Watch Bobbie’s Story

“I came in because my friends recommended Dr. Broutin. I feel so good because he completely redid my mouth. I not only did it for appearance , I did it for health also.”

–Bobbie F.

Watch Scott’s Story

“What brought me in was I wanted a better smile. I wanted a smile that better reflected who I was.”

–Scott R.

Watch Mary’s Story

“The Unique thing that I love about Dr. Broutin’s office is that they can actually do a porcelain crown all in one day!”

–Mary M.

Watch Paul’s Story

“I came as a referred patient. I had gone to see Dr. Wiebe as a patient for a teeth cleaning. She spotted bone deterioration … She gave me a couple of referrals, one of which was to Dr. Broutin.”

–Paul J.

Watch Earnest’s Story

“As my teeth got older I had more trouble with them and needed to have them tendend to, which they did real well.”

–Earnest C.

Watch Jana’s Story

“I have had dental issues in the past. I asked some friends and they highly recommended Amber Wiebe so I came in and told her my past. She has been my dentist since.”

–Jana H.

Watch Ruth’s Story

“I started coming to Dr. Broutin when we relocated to the area. I needed some help with my gums and some really bad teeth. I chose Dr. Broutin because he seemed to want to save my teeth rather than yank them out.”

–Ruth J.

Watch Sylvia’s Story

“I became fearful of going to the dentist because I have a latex allergy. What I enjoy most about being at Dr. Wiebe’s is that she makes me feel safe.”

–Sylvia W.

Watch Whitney’s Story

“I came in to see Dr. Wiebe because I was experiencing pain in my jaw … within just a few days I noticed such a huge difference.”

–Whitney L.

Whatch Tracey’s Story

“Their office is very clean, very organized, they’re always on time. I never wait for an appointment. Dr. Broutin’s expertise is amazing!”

–Tracey S.

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