Do you smile whenever you feel like it? Does discoloration or worn enamel keep you from feeling your best? Stop hiding and visit Smileology in Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach and Bluewater Bay Florida for a smile makeover!

A smile that is aesthetically pleasing draws people in and conveys that you are happy, friendly, successful, sincere, and more. An attractive smile, according to research, is the basis for positive professional and social experiences. Because the smile is the first thing that most people will notice about you, it makes sense to correct any issues that may cause you embarrassment.

There are several aspects of a pleasing smile, all of which we place into harmony with one another. When designing your best smile, we seek as much input as you would like to provide. Your smile is unique to you and we view the most important phase of smile makeover treatment in our consultation visit with you.

During this first visit, you have the opportunity to discuss with us the feelings you have about your smile in its current condition. Do you want a brighter smile? Do you have gaps that you would like closed? Are some teeth longer or shorter than others or turned in an odd direction? These are just a few of the components that make your smile all it can be.

A key element to an attractive smile is proportion. Not just from tooth to tooth but also within the entire facial structure. Our experienced team looks at various components, including the ratio of gum to teeth and the lips. We identify the midline of the smile, an imaginary vertical line at the front teeth, as well as the smile line, determined by the upper part of the lower lip.

On our end, the smile design process is quite sophisticated so that, on your end, the most beautiful result is achieved within a few convenient visits. Between our consultation and the placement of final restorations, we fit you with customized veneers or crowns in what we call the “try-in.” This transitional step allows us to perfect the appearance of your smile before final restorations are made, right down to the shape and size of individual teeth.

Your smile makeover may be as quick and simple as professional whitening or it may require multiple forms of treatment such as Invisalign and porcelain veneers. At Smileology, we cater to your expectations and work with you to achieve your desired result.

Bring out the best in your smile at Smileology!