IV sedation is actually the safest and most effective method of calming anxiety in the dental office. We are proud to meet the stringent requirements for certification as an IV sedation dental office. To maintain our certification, we undergo a yearly evaluation and inspection by the state of Florida.

Contrary to what many people imagine, IV sedation is a form of conscious sedation. It is not the same as general anesthesia, which requires breathing assistance and monitoring.

  • Extremely effective for fearful patients
  • Relaxes the mind and body, creating a better dental experience
  • Patients can swallow and breathe normally
  • May cause you to feel as though you went to sleep and woke up at the end of treatment

Both oral and IV conscious sedation have the wonderful effect of temporary amnesia, which means you can “sleep” through dental treatment and remember none of it. Due to the effects of sedative medications, we require patients to arrange reliable transportation to and from our office and we encourage a day of rest at home. No work, no important paperwork, and no online shopping!

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