Gum disease affects a very high percentage of people in our country. This largely genetic condition has several stages and may develop as a result of several factors. At Smileology, we not only treat gum disease but we assess for markers that tell us each patient’s risk based on his or her own oral environment.

One of the primary concerns about gum disease is that symptoms are largely silent. Often, the infection that causes gum disease is untreated for years. When the condition finally makes itself known with obvious symptoms, there is a significant risk to oral health, tooth stability, and general health.

Bleeding is one of the most noticeable signs of gum disease. Pain in the gums and teeth, as well as, even sensitivity, may indicate inflammation and infection in gum tissue. Our goal is to prevent gum disease with routine care. If an infection develops, we treat it right away, using proven techniques to remove harmful bacteria from teeth, roots, and periodontal pockets. Like everything, the right tool for the job makes a big difference in outcome. Early periodontal care may include professional cleaning in our office and education for home care. Deep hygiene cleanings in the office may be performed with local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable process. This level of care will address areas around teeth affected by gum disease with specific instruments and techniques. Depending on the degree of gum disease, antibiotics may also be included into the treatment plan.

When we treat gum disease early, we stand a much better chance at saving natural teeth and guarding general health. Periodontal disease, an advanced form of gum disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. As infection moves toward the periodontal ligament and bone structure of the jaw, there is a real danger of tooth loss and also bone loss. Once bone in the jaw breaks down, it does not grow back. According to research, tooth loss is only the beginning of the domino effect that can occur with gum disease.

Oral infection produces unhealthy conditions in which inflammation may spread to the various parts of the body, including the heart. Gum disease has been identified as a factor in a number of serious health conditions. The chronic infection makes it more difficult to regulate blood sugar. Bacteria from gum disease may also travel through the blood and digestive tract into the body, where they instigate further inflammation and disease.

Rather than chase a progressive disease, we invite you to take proactive steps. Our office uses lasers and antibiotics to counteract periodontal disease. Call Smileology today to schedule your consultation, checkup, and cleaning with our friendly staff.


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