There are several factors that must be considered when planning tooth replacement with dental implants. During our comprehensive examination and assessment for this procedure, we gather information as well as take 3D CAT scans that will confirm the presence of healthy bone tissue. Additionally, we must be mindful of the surrounding structures. When looking at the posterior upper jaw, we consider the location of the maxillary sinus.

The natural consequence of tooth loss is the breakdown of healthy bone tissue. Adequate height and density are, as well, a key element to the success of dental implants. In the upper jaw, it is also possible that bone loss is joined by the downward “growth” of the maxillary sinus. This sinus cavity may literally expand into the area where healthy bone used to be. Using advanced technology and proven techniques, your experienced Bluewater Bay, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach implant dentist can restore the natural look and feel of your smile.

When more tissue is needed than what is present, we tend to look to bone grafting as a suitable step. There are procedures, as well, that gently lift the sinus cavity up and away from the upper jaw so that implants may be strategically placed and stabilized as needed for lifelong results.

Bone grafting is a precise procedure in which a biocompatible grafting material is placed into the area of low density. This addition causes a stimulation in the growth of new tissues as existing bone integrates grafting material into the natural structure. Grafting material may be harvested from the patient or may come from other sources. The nature of grafting material is discussed during the consultation for the sinus lift and implant procedure. Advanced technology aids in the lift procedure.

At Smileology, we are dedicated to the completion of care in the most efficient, gentle manner. Dr. Broutin often incorporates 3D CAT scan imaging into the lift and implant process. This advanced imaging shows us the height and width of bone and the location of the maxillary sinus and nerve bundles. 3D imaging allows us to map out the details of existing structures and perform the sinus lift with the greatest amount of precision.

One of our goals is to minimize the number of procedures our patients need to achieve a desirable outcome. When possible, we will plan care that allows us to complete multiple steps at a time. In some cases, Dr. Broutin may be able to extract teeth and place implants immediately. The sinus lift, as well, may be able to immediately precede the placement of implants. The final result of a gentle, precise technique is a smile that looks and feels natural. Smileology has been designed with your needs in mind. Learn more about your options for tooth replacement in a consultation with your Bluewater Bay, Destin, Miramar Beach and Santa Rosa Beach area implant dentist.


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