We believe in providing our patients with the precise care needed to achieve lasting results from tooth replacement with dental implants. In our commitment to excellence, we incorporate the latest proven technologies into the implant procedure. Our patients appreciate not only the immense precision that comes from guided implant dentistry, but also the proficiency through which their procedure can be expedited.

Guided implant dentistry has two components. Together, they form a powerful tool that essentially allows us a “virtual surgery” before the day of treatment. The first aspect of guided dentistry is the use of 3D imaging. This advanced technology provides us with the greatest extent of vital information such as the height and width of the jawbone and the location of vital structures. The clear visualization of surrounding structures, including opposing teeth and the sinus cavity, means better results and a streamlined process.

Guided implant dentistry also involves the making of a surgical model. This model of the arch or arches is made using the data collected in the diagnostic phase of care, and will feature holes where implants should go. When this guide is placed over the arch, we know exactly where to insert implants. Coupled with 3D imaging, the guide enables us to situate implants in the right location and at the precise depth for optimal results.

Why Smileology is chosen for implant dentistry
Patients from Bluewater Bay, Miramar Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and surrounding areas seek out the expertise of the Smileology team. We pride ourselves on seeing our implant patients through their entire tooth replacement process, from consultation to extraction, if needed, to planning and the performance of precision care. We are trained and proficient in the use of multiple types of implants and have experience with the various degrees of tooth loss.

Our dentists have received focused training in the area of implantology and are sought after for their proficiency in this field of dentistry. We focus on outcome and on patient experience. Though the implant procedure is very straightforward and precise with our use of advanced technologies, we understand that many patients will benefit from the inclusion of sedation into their procedure. As a board certified office for IV and oral conscious sedation, we ensure comfort and peace of mind as we rebuild healthy, happy smiles.

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