When treated in our Bluewater Bay, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and Miramar Beach dental offices, our focus is on conservative care. When we no longer have the opportunity to save the existing tooth, we plan extraction and implant placement with an eye for patient comfort and long-term success. As dental implant treatment has continued to evolve, we have found more ways to benefit our patients’ experiences and overall results.


In some cases, we have the ability to plan for same day extraction and replacement of a failing tooth or teeth. In fact, research shows that extraction and immediate insertion of implants has an excellent history and track record for success with faster integration of implants into the bone. The benefits of immediate treatment with implants makes sense when you look more closely at the structure of the jaw and the processes through which implants are stabilized.

Tooth loss or extraction leaves an empty socket where the natural root once was. This socket remains empty only for so long. Over several months, bone tissue naturally grows into the empty socket. If a bone graft is done at the time of extraction, there is more bone in the location of the extraction, thus creating a better “bed” for the implant. When the extraction is not grafted extensive bone loss occurs, making implant placement more difficult, sometimes requiring other procedures to create solid bone for the implant. If tooth replacement with an implant does not occur right away, the implant placement process takes multiple steps rather than one.

The standard implant process

When the socket of a missing tooth has been filled with bone tissue, implant treatment begins with the creation of an opening into which the implant can be placed. After creating a “socket” for the implant and situating the titanium post, the area is stitched and left to heal.

Following this initial procedure, bone will fuse around the implant over several months.

molarimplantsFollow-up appointments may be scheduled to assess the healing process. After the implant has become fully stabilized in the jawbone, the post is uncovered and a connective piece called an abutment is placed. It is the abutment that connects the prosthetic crown to the implant post. After this piece is connected to the implant post, gums are stitched around and allowed to heal for a week or two. Finally, the final restoration can be affixed to the abutment.


Same day extraction and implant treatment

When tooth extraction is needed, we can plan for the immediate placement of the implant into the prepared socket. Taking advantage of the available socket eliminates the need to create one at a later time, and also, according to research, shortens the overall healing period.
The staff at Smileology has continually expanded our knowledge and skills in the area of implant dentistry. Whether you have lost a tooth or teeth, are living with unhealthy, uncomfortable dental conditions, or want to replace your denture with something more stable, we have options that will work for you.