No matter the cause, whether a physical accident, failed root canal or poor oral health, tooth loss has a major impact on your quality of life. The unfortunate fact is that tooth loss is just the first trauma to the facial structure. When a tooth or teeth are lost, the secondary condition we concern ourselves with is the breakdown and loss of healthy bone.

At Smileology, we help patients regain their natural teeth and oral structures – and the confidence they deserve to feel – with dental implants. Our team has some of the most extensive experience in North Florida, and is sought by discerning patients around Florida. Passionate about dentistry and about helping patients regain their most natural structure. Dr. Broutin is an esteemed implant dentist who has achieved proficiency at the highest level of implant dentistry according to the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. As a Diplomate of the ICOI and a Misch Fellow, he is also a professor and clinical instructor who assists dentists from around the world in their implant education.

Oral Surgery and Implant Form

Dental implants
really are life
changing prosthetics

On a basic technical level, dental implants are tiny posts made of titanium. These posts are designed to replace missing roots of teeth. In the big picture, however, dental implants recreate the natural structure so well, that this treatment can be life changing.

Implants are essentially artificial roots that stabilize a prosthetic and help retain your jaw bone. Our highly trained dentists may use implants with singular crowns, with a fixed bridge appliance, or with a fixed or removable denture. Extensive training allows our team to identify the model, size, and type of implant that will achieve the most desirable outcome. We do this through focused discussion of cares and concerns, medical and dental history, IV sedation as well as immediate and long term needs.
The success rate of dental implant treatment has been followed for over 40 years, and research shows that there is no other treatment that can provide the extent of results or longevity. With our extensive experience in the various forms of implants and our use of computer guided techniques, Smileology has been able to help thousands of patients recapture the confidence they once had in their smile.

There is no reason to live with missing or failing teeth. Patients of Smileology in Miramar Beach, Destin, Bluewater Bay and Santa Rosa Beach also do not have to live with a denture that does not meet their needs for stability and functionality. When dental implants are included in the treatment plan for tooth replacement, it is possible to see your best smile recreated in a single visit.


All-on-4 dental implants is a very rewarding procedure that has changed many people’s lives. It is the ideal solution for the individual whose oral health, smile esthetic, and wellbeing are affected by failing teeth. After a thorough examination and consultation in our comfortable office, we can plan the removal of failing teeth, the cleansing and preparation of the gums and jaw, and the insertion of dental implants to be completed in a future appointment. We say that All on Four Dental Implants lets you “wake up with teeth,” and many of our patients are seeing the immense benefit that comes from this level of care.

The process through which we restore function and natural beauty to the smile is complex on our end, but simplified for the patient. To replace entire arches of missing teeth in one visit takes preparation and planning, which our dentists do with a great deal of training to back their efforts. Before the procedure, we measure the width and height of the jawbone using a 3D imaging technique. We also consider the size, shape, and color of artificial teeth, which will be made in our laboratory by master ceramists.

The prosthetic that may be used in the recreation of the smile is a full arch denture. Different than a removable denture, however, this denture will be stabilized by a suitable number of dental implants. Depending on the needs of the patient, four, six, or more implants may be planned for insertion. The degree of planning and preparation that we put into the replacement of missing teeth leads to an efficient, quick procedure that produces a naturally beautiful smile in just a few hours.


  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Implants stimulate the regeneration of bone tissue in the jaw
  • Short recovery time
  • The final result looks and feels very natural
  • There are no restrictions to diet after tooth replacement

The Smileology team has achieved the highest level of proficiency in implant dentistry. If you want to learn more about dental implants, we are happy to consult with you.


When treated in our Bluewater Bay, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and Miramar Beach dental offices, our focus is on conservative care. When we no longer have the opportunity to save the existing tooth, we plan extraction and implant placement with an eye for patient comfort and long-term success. As dental implant treatment has continued to evolve, we have found more ways to benefit our patients’ experiences and overall results.


In some cases, we have the ability to plan for same day extraction and replacement of a failing tooth or teeth. In fact, research shows that extraction and immediate insertion of implants has an excellent history and track record for success with faster integration of implants into the bone. The benefits of immediate treatment with implants makes sense when you look more closely at the structure of the jaw and the processes through which implants are stabilized.

Tooth loss or extraction leaves an empty socket where the natural root once was. This socket remains empty only for so long. Over several months, bone tissue naturally grows into the empty socket. If a bone graft is done at the time of extraction, there is more bone in the location of the extraction, thus creating a better “bed” for the implant. When the extraction is not grafted extensive bone loss occurs, making implant placement more difficult, sometimes requiring other procedures to create solid bone for the implant. If tooth replacement with an implant does not occur right away, the implant placement process takes multiple steps rather than one.

The standard implant process

When the socket of a missing tooth has been filled with bone tissue, implant treatment begins with the creation of an opening into which the implant can be placed. After creating a “socket” for the implant and situating the titanium post, the area is stitched and left to heal.

Following this initial procedure, bone will fuse around the implant over several months.

molarimplantsFollow-up appointments may be scheduled to assess the healing process. After the implant has become fully stabilized in the jawbone, the post is uncovered and a connective piece called an abutment is placed. It is the abutment that connects the prosthetic crown to the implant post. After this piece is connected to the implant post, gums are stitched around and allowed to heal for a week or two. Finally, the final restoration can be affixed to the abutment.


Same day extraction and implant treatment

When tooth extraction is needed, we can plan for the immediate placement of the implant into the prepared socket. Taking advantage of the available socket eliminates the need to create one at a later time, and also, according to research, shortens the overall healing period.
The staff at Smileology has continually expanded our knowledge and skills in the area of implant dentistry. Whether you have lost a tooth or teeth, are living with unhealthy, uncomfortable dental conditions, or want to replace your denture with something more stable, we have options that will work for you.


There are several factors that must be considered when planning tooth replacement with dental implants. During our comprehensive examination and assessment for this procedure, we gather information as well as take 3D CAT scans that will confirm the presence of healthy bone tissue. Additionally, we must be mindful of the surrounding structures. When looking at the posterior upper jaw, we consider the location of the maxillary sinus.

The natural consequence of tooth loss is the breakdown of healthy bone tissue. Adequate height and density are, as well, a key element to the success of dental implants. In the upper jaw, it is also possible that bone loss is joined by the downward “growth” of the maxillary sinus. This sinus cavity may literally expand into the area where healthy bone used to be. Using advanced technology and proven techniques, your experienced Bluewater Bay, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach implant dentist can restore the natural look and feel of your smile.

When more tissue is needed than what is present, we tend to look to bone grafting as a suitable step. There are procedures, as well, that gently lift the sinus cavity up and away from the upper jaw so that implants may be strategically placed and stabilized as needed for lifelong results.

Bone grafting is a precise procedure in which a biocompatible grafting material is placed into the area of low density. This addition causes a stimulation in the growth of new tissues as existing bone integrates grafting material into the natural structure. Grafting material may be harvested from the patient or may come from other sources. The nature of grafting material is discussed during the consultation for the sinus lift and implant procedure. Advanced technology aids in the lift procedure.

At Smileology, we are dedicated to the completion of care in the most efficient, gentle manner. Dr. Broutin often incorporates 3D CAT scan imaging into the lift and implant process. This advanced imaging shows us the height and width of bone and the location of the maxillary sinus and nerve bundles. 3D imaging allows us to map out the details of existing structures and perform the sinus lift with the greatest amount of precision.

One of our goals is to minimize the number of procedures our patients need to achieve a desirable outcome. When possible, we will plan care that allows us to complete multiple steps at a time. In some cases, Dr. Broutin may be able to extract teeth and place implants immediately. The sinus lift, as well, may be able to immediately precede the placement of implants. The final result of a gentle, precise technique is a smile that looks and feels natural. Smileology has been designed with your needs in mind. Learn more about your options for tooth replacement in a consultation with your Bluewater Bay, Destin, Miramar Beach and Santa Rosa Beach area implant dentist.


We believe in providing our patients with the precise care needed to achieve lasting results from tooth replacement with dental implants. In our commitment to excellence, we incorporate the latest proven technologies into the implant procedure. Our patients appreciate not only the immense precision that comes from guided implant dentistry, but also the proficiency through which their procedure can be expedited.

Guided implant dentistry has two components. Together, they form a powerful tool that essentially allows us a “virtual surgery” before the day of treatment. The first aspect of guided dentistry is the use of 3D imaging. This advanced technology provides us with the greatest extent of vital information such as the height and width of the jawbone and the location of vital structures. The clear visualization of surrounding structures, including opposing teeth and the sinus cavity, means better results and a streamlined process.

Guided implant dentistry also involves the making of a surgical model. This model of the arch or arches is made using the data collected in the diagnostic phase of care, and will feature holes where implants should go. When this guide is placed over the arch, we know exactly where to insert implants. Coupled with 3D imaging, the guide enables us to situate implants in the right location and at the precise depth for optimal results.

Why Smileology is chosen for implant dentistry
Patients from Bluewater Bay, Miramar Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and surrounding areas seek out the expertise of the Smileology team. We pride ourselves on seeing our implant patients through their entire tooth replacement process, from consultation to extraction, if needed, to planning and the performance of precision care. We are trained and proficient in the use of multiple types of implants and have experience with the various degrees of tooth loss.

Our dentists have received focused training in the area of implantology and are sought after for their proficiency in this field of dentistry. We focus on outcome and on patient experience. Though the implant procedure is very straightforward and precise with our use of advanced technologies, we understand that many patients will benefit from the inclusion of sedation into their procedure. As a board certified office for IV and oral conscious sedation, we ensure comfort and peace of mind as we rebuild healthy, happy smiles.

Discover your path to a beautifully restored smile. Call your Miramar Beach dentist today.

One of the key elements to our sense of wellbeing is our smile. Teeth not only fill the smile but also enable us to break down foods into small, easily digestible particles. If teeth become extensively diseased or are lost to trauma or other conditions, replacement should be a priority. Smileology serves the areas of Miramar Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Bluewater Bay, and more with extensive experience in implant dentistry. In our friendly, professional office, we tailor care to your needs.


Research has shown that dental implants offer the greatest amount of success and flexibility for tooth replacement. They are, as well, the only option through which permanent results are a possibility. We are passionate about personalized care for our patients, and love that we have the ability to cater to their unique situation using singular or multiple implants as needed to fully restore the smile. Whether it’s a single tooth at the front of the smile or every tooth in the upper or lower arch, tooth replacement with dental implants provides our patients with the natural appearance and the strength they are looking for.

Full arch replacement may sound involved, but our patients are pleased to learn that it is possible to replace numerous teeth or even all teeth on each arch with a combination of precision implant planning and the right prosthetic.

An innovative new solution to tooth loss
Implants are not a new development in dentistry. This form of treatment has been consistently evolving for several decades. Today, we have more options in the way we treat tooth loss than ever before. Denture wearers, especially, are realizing the life-changing benefits of transitioning into dental implants with an overdenture.
Dentures are removable prosthetics used when no natural teeth remain. Though materials and techniques have improved, the fact remains that dentures sit on top of the gums. Natural teeth are rooted in the jaw and fully stabilized by bone. This structure is replicated in the dental implant process, and the entire face benefits.
At Smileology, we see you through your entire process of reconstructing your healthiest, most attractive smile. We consult with you about tooth replacement with implants and determine the size and type that will best suit your jawbone structure. We use advanced technology to visualize the jawbone and surrounding elements, and create a guide to expedite the insertion of implants. Finally, we design beautiful prosthetics to replace your most natural looking, feeling smile.
The dentists at Smileology have achieved the highest level of proficiency in implant dentistry. We are proud of our training and affiliations with esteemed organizations such as the Misch Institute and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Don’t let tooth loss affect your wellbeing. Call Smileology in Miramar Beach to learn more about dental implants.


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