There is nothing quite like a toothache. We understand the urgency of this situation, and we provide prompt care to patients facing a dental emergency.

The team at Smileology is extensively trained both in the office setting and in the hospital setting. When you call us with an urgent dental situation, you can feel confident that we have the skills and knowledge to get you back to a healthy, comfortable state.

You will not be left behind by our team! Whether you experience a dental crisis during our normal working hours, at night, on vacation, or on the weekend, you will be able to reach a compassionate member of our staff at any time. When you are in pain, we find a way to make you more comfortable. Period.

Emergency dentistry services at the Bluewater Bay Smileology office are available to new and existing patients. Even if you are just passing through our area, we are happy to offer you outstanding dental care to repair tooth damage due to injury, disease, or any other cause. There are several situations that may require urgent dental care. While we treat soft tissue injuries, cracked teeth and physical injuries to teeth, the most common form of emergency is actually tooth pain. Cavities and cracks start very small and subtle. Much of the time, the early sign of tooth decay is nothing more than sensitivity. Because sensitivity may be easily ignored, it is possible that a cavity will go untreated. Sensitivity can also indicate a cracked tooth especially if there is pain when biting. If you are someone who feels anxious about seeing the dentist, you will understandably avoid scheduling care for such a minor problem as sensitivity. Cracked teeth require immediate attention.

We encourage our patients to see us at least every six months. Routine care allows us to closely monitor oral health so that cavities may be caught right away. If tooth pain of any kind develops in between visits, you will want to see us right away. At this time, we may be able to quickly remove damaged tooth material and repair the tooth with a beautiful tooth-colored filling. Waiting to receive care could lead to intense pain and an emergency trip to your Bluewater Bay dentist.

Tooth pain and other dental emergencies happen. We see it every day. If you experience a problem that requires urgent attention, please do not feel afraid or embarrassed to call us any time of day. We love helping our patients feel better and enjoy healthier smiles, and we are proficient in a wide variety of dental treatments to get you smiling again.