Botox/Dysport is quite possibly the most recognized of all anti-aging treatments available today. Originally, this injectable solution was used therapeutically in the treatment of muscular disorders. The side effect of certain treatments was a reduction of wrinkles in the treated area. Alas, Botox Cosmetic became the latest non-surgical treatment for certain types of facial wrinkles.

This solution is used around the eyes and brows to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, furrows, lower face down turning, clenching, neck creasing and a sagging brow line. Dr. Wiebe has advanced training and can alleviate wrinkles from the neck up! After treatment with this cosmetic solution, perpetually tightened muscles beneath the skin become nicely relaxed. Not too much and not too little. Our dentists have completed the necessary training to perform treatment in the precise manner to achieve the right amount of relaxation. The result of straightforward treatment is several months of smooth, youthful looking skin.

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