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No matter the cause, whether a physical accident, failed root canal or poor oral health, tooth loss has a major impact on your quality of life. The unfortunate fact is that tooth loss is just the first trauma to the facial structure. When a tooth or teeth are lost, the secondary condition we concern ourselves with is the breakdown and loss of healthy bone.
At Smileology, we help patients regain their natural teeth and oral structures - and the confidence they deserve to feel - with dental implants. Our team has some of the most extensive experience in North Florida, and is sought by discerning patients around Florida. Passionate about dentistry and about helping patients regain their most natural structure, Dr. Broutin has completed the most advanced training in implantology available in the world at multiple training centers including the esteemed Misch Institute under Dr. Carl Misch, world renowned father of Implantology. Dr. Broutin also teaches and lectures internationally with leading Implant Courses.
Dental implants really are life changing prosthetics
On a basic technical level, dental implants are tiny posts made of titanium. These posts are designed to replace missing roots of teeth. In the big picture, however, dental implants recreate the natural structure so well, that this treatment can be life changing.
Implants are essentially artificial roots that stabilize a prosthetic and help retain your jaw bone. Our highly trained dentists may use implants with singular crowns, with a fixed bridge appliance, or with a fixed or removable denture. Extensive training allows our team to identify the model, size, and type of implant that will achieve the most desirable outcome.
We do this through focused discussion of cares and concerns, medical and dental history, IV sedation as well as immediate and long term needs.
Dr. Broutin is an esteemed implant dentist who has achieved proficiency at the highest level of implant dentistry according to the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. As a Diplomate of the ICOI and a Misch Fellow, he is also a professor and clinical instructor who assists dentists from around the world in their implant education.
The success rate of dental implant treatment has been followed for over 40 years, and research shows that there is no other treatment that can provide the extent of results or longevity. With our extensive experience in the various forms of implants and our use of computer guided techniques, Smileology has been able to help thousands of patients recapture the confidence they once had in their smile.
Learn more about dental implant treatment in the Niceville area. Call Smileology today.
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Great work, and great people who work with Dr. Broutin. Been going to him for many years. Lucy
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