Losing your teeth should not mean losing your confidence or your ability to speak well and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. At Smileology, we believe in creating the perfect denture appliance to recreate your best smile.
A healthy smile looks good, feels good, and functions well. Though we may view the smile for its beauty, teeth actually have a pivotal role in your overall health and wellbeing. Teeth enable you to speak clearly and to chew food. When teeth are painful, unhealthy, and failing, you may not eat the same healthy foods you would otherwise. If many teeth are missing, as well, there is the inability to chew food properly. As a result, digestion is stressed or food choices become very limited. Neither is a healthy choice, nor enjoyable.
With a denture designed at Smileology, you can once again feel good about your smile. You can enjoy dining out with friends and laughing and smiling freely. One of the ways we have seen dentures change people's lives is with stabilization with dental implants. Implants make a wonderful complement to the denture appliance. Where dentures replace missing tooth structure, implants restore the stability of roots.
Our team is committed to excellence and has taken the steps to achieve the highest level of proficiency in all forms of dentistry. During your consultation for tooth replacement, we will provide you with details regarding your treatment options and answer questions you have about the process as well as discuss long term advantages of treatment best suited to you.
Dentures may be completed in two to five visits. Our initial planning considers more than the measurements of jaw height and density. We want dentures to fit as well as possible and last many years. Priority is also given to the final look dentures will give you. We are fortunate today to have the very best materials to restructure the smile to its most natural esthetic.
A custom fitted denture may last several years with good care. Receiving your new denture is not the end of the story. Just like your natural teeth require ongoing care, we encourage our patients to continue seeing us at least once a year so that we may evaluate the condition and the fit of the denture, as well as gum health.
Are you living with an ill-fitting denture? We can help!
One of the biggest problems that denture wearers face is changes to their jawbone structure. In the absence of roots, bone tissue breaks down, which in turn causes the denture to become loose and sloppy. Smileology has a solution for the problems that can occur with dentures. By adding just a few dental implants to which the denture can be affixed, full functionality - and full confidence in your smile - can be restored.
We understand the ongoing care your smile needs, even after tooth loss and replacement with dentures. Learn more about how you can feel great about your smile. Call our Niceville dental office today.
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Great work, and great people who work with Dr. Broutin. Been going to him for many years. Lucy
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