Everyone loves a good dessert, but at what expense? The sugar in your favorite desserts play a harmful role in the development of cavities and tooth decay. Tooth decay is the breakdown and destruction of your tooth enamel, the outer layer of your teeth. Anything you eat or drink that contains sugar reacts with the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth to form acid that attacks the enamel. This acid will keep attacking enamel for twenty minutes or more after you eat.

There are things you can do at home on a regular basis to prevent the destruction of your tooth enamel.

  • Brush and floss regularly, especially after meals.
  • Try to cut out foods and beverages that are high in sugar and starches.
  • Use a toothpaste with fluoride to help make teeth resistant to acids.
  • Cut out smoking.

The most important step in preventing tooth decay is visiting Smileology – Santa Rosa Beach Dental for a comprehensive dental exam. At Smileology – Santa Rosa Beach Dental, Dr. Wiebe uses a Diagnodentâ„¢ Laser Cavity Detector to look inside the tooth to detect cavities. This allows Dr. Wiebe to eliminate tooth decay sooner.

Dr. Wiebe is able to explain your dental needs and treatment plans more effectively by using an intra-oral camera. Dr. Wiebe will project images of your teeth onto a monitor. With this technology, you will have a broader understanding of the condition and health of your teeth.

Let Dr. Wiebe and the team at Smileology – Santa Rosa Beach Dental help you keep your teeth healthier, longer. For more information about Dr. Amber Wiebe and the comprehensive dental exams, find us on Facebook or visit the website. To schedule your comprehensive exam, call our office at (850) 344-1706.


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Great work, and great people who work with Dr. Broutin. Been going to him for many years. Lucy
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