All on Four Dental Implants

There is no reason to live with missing or failing teeth. Patients of Smileology in Miramar Beach, Destin, Niceville, Bluewater Bay and Santa Rosa Beach also do not have to live with a denture that does not meet their needs for stability and functionality. When dental implants are included in the treatment plan for tooth replacement, it is possible to see your best smile recreated in a single visit.

All on Four Dental Implants is a very rewarding procedure that has changed many people's lives. It is the ideal solution for the individual whose oral health, smile esthetic, and wellbeing are affected by failing teeth. After a thorough examination and consultation in our comfortable office, we can plan the removal of failing teeth, the cleansing and preparation of the gums and jaw, and the insertion of dental implants to be completed in a future appointment. We say that All on Four Dental Implants lets you "wake up with teeth," and many of our patients are seeing the immense benefit that comes from this level of care.
The process through which we restore function and natural beauty to the smile is complex on our end, but simplified for the patient. To replace entire arches of missing teeth in one visit takes preparation and planning, which our dentists do with a great deal of training to back their efforts. Before the procedure, we measure the width and height of the jawbone using a 3D imaging technique. We also consider the size, shape, and color of artificial teeth, which will be made in our laboratory by master ceramists.
The prosthetic that may be used in the recreation of the smile is a full arch denture. Different than a removable denture, however, this denture will be stabilized by a suitable number of dental implants. Depending on the needs of the patient, four, six, or more implants may be planned for insertion. The degree of planning and preparation that we put into the replacement of missing teeth leads to an efficient, quick procedure that produces a naturally beautiful smile in just a few hours.
There are several benefits to the replacement of teeth in a single visit:
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Implants stimulate the regeneration of bone tissue in the jaw
  • Short recovery time
  • The final result looks and feels very natural
  • There are no restrictions to diet after tooth replacement
The Smileology team has achieved the highest level of proficiency in implant dentistry. No higher level of care exists in the Niceville area. If you want to learn more about dental implants, we are happy to consult with you. Call Smileology today for your appointment with our friendly team.
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Great work, and great people who work with Dr. Broutin. Been going to him for many years. Lucy
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